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I'm a transplanted Yankee who hates the cold and is very grateful to be living in a warmer place. I grew up in New Jersey and lived for a while in New York City and then New York State, but you couldn't pay me to go back and live there again. Scares the hell out of me - all those people and all that traffic. I'm really a woods woman. That's where I'm happiest, out in the woods. That's why I moved to Arkansas.

I haven't always been a lesbian. I was married for twenty years and raised three sons. The biggest difference I feel about being a lesbian is the freedom it gives me to be my whole self. That married time seems like another life, and yet it does connect to this one. I still have the same concerns. I've always been somewhat of a radical troublemaker, working for peace, justice and ecology, and now being a lesbian adds a very personal dimension to all that.

I guess I'm really a community person. I keep coming back to try that wonderful and troublesome, experimental adventure one more time. This is my third try at it and this time it seems to be working for me. I'm living on women's land in a house I designed myself that was built entirely by women's hands, including my own. I have a girlfriend who lives across the yard, a cat, a dog, a wonderful view, a little vegetable garden that I try to remember to weed and water, and now, in spite of my resistance, a computer which is often my friend and sometimes my enemy.

All my life I've been a writer/artist, hopping back and forth from one foot to the other. Right now I'm more of a writer though that could change any day. I've written a lot of short stories and occasionally some poetry when the spirit moves me, as well as pieces for a travelling performance troup call Goddess Productions. Now, much to my surprise, I find myself in the middle of a series of full-length fantasy adventure novels about a tribe of wild women called the Hadra who channeled themselves into my life. Six of these books are already published, another is eagerly awaiting publication, and more may be lying in wait for me.


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